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PMA Services are delivered on an annual subscription basis, with clients selecting their ideal service level for a particular sector in each global region. Our Services deliver projections updated on a six-monthly or quarterly basis and provide:

  • Comprehensive data workbooks with historic and forecast annual time series for all of the key indicators including supply, demand, rents, yields and total returns. We focus on consistent prime market indicators across the world and, in many markets we can deliver detail on headline versus effective rents and performance by quality and by submarket. We also forecast portfolio or average rents in many key markets.
  • Presentations on a multi-client basis in central London, and tailored in-house briefings or conference calls to suit individual client requirements.
  • User-friendly overview reports by region for each forecast round.
  • Detailed city-level reports for the key markets and sectors, demonstrating the full extent of our knowledge at a granular level.
  • Slidesets at regional and country level.
  • Quarterly market indicators, to keep clients up-to-date with movements in rents, yields and other variables at city level.
  • National level datasets and reporting for key asset classes such as shopping centres, which are of investor interest beyond the major cities.
  • A dedicated enquiry facility. For many of our clients, we act as an outsourced research team, and we pride ourselves on our standard of service and speed of response.

Our Pan-European, Asia-Pacific and US Services will incorporate some or all of these components, with the minimum commitment being one sector (eg offices or retail) in a given region (see Our Markets).

We also provide a range of UK-focused services, which extend coverage beyond the key locations included in the Pan-European Service. We offer:

  • UK National Forecasts, delivering detailed quarterly-updated forecasts of a wide range of IPD and prime sectors and subsectors.
  • UK Local Forecasts, providing prime forecasts for up to 200 towns and cities.
  • Specialist Forecasting Services, comprising our Central London Office Forecasting Service, which has been covering this key market for the major players since the 1980s, and our Retail Warehouse and Shopping Centre Services, which provide granular projections by asset type.
  • The UK Property Market Information Service (PROMIS), delivering comprehensive, industry-standard reports on all commercial sectors in up to 300 towns and cities.

Subscribers to selected PMA Services can also access our data via Haver Analytics' user-friendly system. More information about Haver is available at www.haver.com

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