Our Approach

Consistent and verified data, market-leading econometric forecasts, and support from global market experts

Our Independent Research Approach

PMA was set up in 1981 by two leading academics, Professors Richard Barras and David Cadman, who were pioneers in forecasting property markets. The aim was to apply a consistent approach to collecting and analysing property data, to develop market-leading econometric forecasts, and to employ the best analysts to deliver independent and objective insight.

Originally focused on the UK, with the creation of the Eurozone we developed European services in 2000, and quickly after Asia-Pacific and US services were launched to meet our clients’ global business needs.

Data and Local Market Intelligence

High-quality, verified, and consistent local data is the foundation of our services. Our 70+ experienced analysts collect and analyse the best secondary sources of market information, and supplement this with primary research conducted through site visits and meetings with brokers, government, data providers, and investors. Our comprehensive proprietary databases include over a half million building-by-building investment, leasing, and development pipeline records.

This extensive bottom-up research forms the foundation of our services and the context for understanding how emerging cyclical and structural changes will impact at local and international levels. Having most staff based in our London HQ is a key strength in exchanging and developing ideas, identifying common economic, regulatory, and technological changes, and in providing clients with globally-consistent investment advice.


PMA and the current partners were among the first to develop econometric property forecasts, and we have continued to build on our 30+ years of experience to employ the best practice in modelling, interpretation, and application of market projections.


As standard we provide five-year forecasts of market-level performance measures, as well as supporting property and economic fundamentals. Our consensus-based main economic scenario is designed to match most clients’ in-house views, and we also provide alternative economic scenarios as standard, including a ‘stress test’. We can run client-specific scenarios as standard within the UK services, and as an add-on service for our global packages.


But forecasts are not just numbers. PMA strives to effectively communicate with our clients the underlying assumptions, the key risks and opportunities around our projections, and any structural change which might impact on the future trajectory of the markets.

Consistent forecast approach, accounting for local variations.

Office rent forecast model schematic

Our Leadership Team

PMA is wholly owned by its partners, who have developed our research expertise, and who continue to lead our experienced global property research teams.

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