About us

Established in 1981, PMA has an unrivalled track record in property forecasting, and remains one of very few truly independent research houses globally.

Our People

PMA is wholly owned by its partners, who have developed our research expertise, and who continue to lead our experienced global property research teams.

Paul Clark.Paul Clark Managing Partner, Chair
Stephen Waterman.Stephen Waterman Managing Partner
Catherine Kervennic.Catherine Kervennic Managing Partner
Raimund Noss.Raimund Noss Managing Partner
Nick Price.Nick Price Managing Partner
Grant Davis.Grant Davis Partner
Chris Jessop.Chris Jessop Partner
Yun Lee.Yun Lee Partner
Edward Whittall.Edward Whittall Partner
Christina Burbanks.Christina BurbanksDirector
Lorna Fraser.Lorna Fraser Consultant
Marc EspinetMarc Espinet Consultant
David CadmanDavid Cadman ESG Consultant
Sarah RatcliffeSarah Ratcliffe ESG Consultant

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