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Our three global subscription services deliver city-level data and reporting using PMA’s proven methodologies, combined with coordinated strategic insight and economic scenarios. All aspects of our services are extensively supported by our experienced local teams.

Our Global Coverage

Our research focus is on the core investible commercial sectors of offices, logistics, and retail high streets and shopping centres. As alternative sectors are emerging we are adding these modules to our global service options.

For each sector our city coverage matches that of most core and core+ investors, including both capital and provincial cities across each region.

Core Coverage
Retail high streets
Retail shopping centres
National residential
European hotels
European retail warehouses
UK PRS/BTR/apartments

Global Service Packages

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Each global subscription service includes the following deliverables:

Market Monitoring

Quarterly and monthly data to provide up-to-date analysis of market trends and support clients’ regular reporting needs. Outputs typically comprise:

  • Quarterly market data including rents, yields, capital values, vacancies, starts, net additions, and net absorption
  • Quarterly investment schedules on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Monthly national economic data and charts
  • Six-monthly Survey of Investor Preferences
Image showing Market Monitoring.

Historic and Forecast Data

Our core deliverables providing comprehensive market intelligence that our clients rely upon for their investment decisions:

  • Annual data from 1980 (where available), and five-year forecasts as standard updated twice a year. All forecasts provided under two or three economic scenarios, including a global ‘stress test’
  • Property performance measures of rents, yields, capital values, and total returns
  • Property fundamentals including stock, completions, net absorption, net additions, and vacancy rates
  • Economic drivers including GDP, retail sales, eCommerce, manufacturing output, inflation, and government bond yields
  • All data can be delivered via datafeeds to help you integrate the information into your own systems
Image showing Historic and Forecast data report.

City-level Detail by Sector

Local market data is the foundation of all of our work, and city reports provide both comprehensive data and analysis to identify local trends and variations within each city. Each report is produced by the relevant local market expert, involving primary research and the best secondary sources through the utilisation of local market contacts.

City reporting covers individual unit analysis of different retail prime pitches, shopping centres and big box retail, and different office submarkets. Detailed development pipeline, occupier and investment schedules are also an integral part of the city reporting. Reflecting data availability and market fundamentals, logistics reporting is less granular but does include city level data on take-up, availability, completions, rents, yields and returns as well as national level schedules of key developments, lettings and investments.

Image showing City-level detail by sector report.

Country Insights by Sector

Our Country Insights focus on explaining underlying assumptions behind our forecasts at a country level, how these may vary by city, and how potential structural changes may impact on each market.

These reports are updated twice a year, alongside the release of revised forecasts.

Image showing Country Insights by sector.

Regional Sector Overviews

The regional sector overviews, produced by the lead partner of each service, provide a bird’s-eye view of wider occupier and investment trends. These slideshows identify regional out- and under-performers, and explain how cyclical variations impact on their relative performance over time.

These reports are updated twice a year, alongside the release of revised forecasts.

Image showing Regional Sector Overviews.

Topic Papers

Through collaborative research by our analysts, and drawing upon extensive market data, we produce a series of Topic Papers on an ad-hoc basis to answer some of the biggest industry questions, from big macro themes to structural changes within the property industry.

Previous topics addressed include the flexible office boom; the rise of eCommerce and its impact on retail and logistics; Brexit; trade wars; secular stagnation; and the emergence of alternative sectors.

Image showing Topic Papers.

Strategy Meetings

A key element of PMA’s standard service is client support, including regular in-house strategy meetings. These are tailored to meet your needs at that time, whether focusing on certain sectors, cities, or themes. These meetings are led by the senior team member in charge of each service, and draw on local analysts where necessary to provide further insight.

For our European services we also have group presentations four times a year - twice in London, plus in Germany and France - where we present our latest forecasts to 100+ clients.

Image showing strategy meeting.

Enquiry Support

Our on-call enquiry service is the other key part of client support. Clients rely on our market experts to provide additional data and analysis to support specific requirements.

We are renowned for the speed and detail of our response.

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